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Yeatts Scuff Shop
Abrasive and soda blasting anything from A to Z!
(717) 580-2943

341 R Pleasantview Rd
New Cumberland, PA, 17070
United States of America

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Abrasive and soda blasting ro restore antiques, hot rods, muscle cars, machinery. Removal of rust, paint, and tarnish from chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and all other metals. Fiberglass and wood furniture. Along with surface cleaning we offer painting, reconditioning and resoration services.
Sandblasting, Automobile Restoration Antique & Classic, Automobile - Body Repairs & Painting
abrasive blasting, soda blasting, auto, restoration, recondition, antiques, furniture, fiberglass, refinish, engine, aluminum, tools, chrome, copper, brass, metal, restore, paint, wood, machinery